10 sets of peds for Download!
TubbyCarnage, ehoh!
Run down the Teletubbies in this official patch from Stainless!
Slice up your spice with another official patch from stainless!
Naked female ped! Miss N.O. Bikini!
Download the a new starter ped, the girl from ridge racer!
Run down the terminator as he fills your car full of bullets!
A weird zombie ped, good!
Don't be seduced by the dark side, mow 'em down while you can, with bug fix!
Felix the ped, based on a real person!
It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but duke's all out of gum!
The pig cop from Duke Nukem 3d!
5 new cars for download!
The Aggressor
Replaces Burly Shirley's car!
The Assassin
Replaces Otis' car!
The Bug
Replaces Stig's car!
The Donald Duck car!
Replaces Stig's car but rather shit.
The MiB
One of the first hacks!